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To Hell and Back – 9 Weeks to Go

HELL AND BACK – 9 Weeks to Go

Hey Guys

Not Long to go now. 9 Weeks and counting.

I have stepped up the number of training sessions that I normally do this week, I completed 11 sessions in total and am feeling awesome. Over the next few weeks I will be keeping a lot of this week’s sessions the same as I have found a programme that I am gaining huge benefits from, however I will be increasing the intensity on a lot of exercises such as Load, Distance and Reps.

New Spotify Playlist

Check out this week’s Spotify playlist below, thought I would change it up a bit this week.

Underwater MP3 Player

I have started to do a lot more swimming and found this awesome MP3 Player on Amazon, below (it plays underwater lol) I have been looking for something like this for ages and it’s finally mine lol.




Monday 18th April

Knowledge Fitness

Front Squat 5×5 – 40kg

Woodchop – 1×10 – 3 Plates

Bent Over Row – 5×5 – 60kg

Bodyweight Lunge – 1×10

Military Press – 5×5 – 40kg

Deadlift – 1×12 – 60kg


Tuesday 19th April

Solitude Park

5km Run

Mobility Session – Working on all joints


Wednesday 20th April 

Banbridge Leisure Centre

30 Lengths Breaststroke


Thursday 21st April

Banbridge Leisure Centre

10 Length Frontcrawl Swim


Knowledge Fitness

Back Squat – 5×5 – 60kg

CHEK Row – 1×10 – 20kg

Cable Chest Fly – 5×5 – 6 Plates

Bodyweight Lunge – 1×12

Deadlift – 1×5 – 80kg

Cable Golf Swing – 1×10 4 Plates

Mobility Session – Working on all joints


Friday 22nd April

Knowledge Fitness

Clean and Press – 5×5 – 50kg

Goblet Squat – 5×5 – 16kg/20kg/24kg/28kg/32kg

Bodyweight Lunge – 1×15

Stability Ball 007 – 1×10

Battle Ropes – 45secs

Mobility Session – Working on all joints


Sunday 24th April

Solitude Park



30 Incline Press Ups

10 Squat Jumps

15 Inverted row

10 Dips

5 Inverted Presses



I am totally on track with the measurements that I would like to see by the end of the training programme.

Over this past 6 weeks I have lost 4.1% Body Fat and gained 4kg of lean muscle mass. I have only gained 1lb in weight (I’m not looking to lose weight but am actually looking to gain a few pounds). I am now 14st 4lbs, Close to 15stone would be just nice lol.


Brainwaves NI

Thanks for reading Guys. Also below is the link for my Just Giving Page. The Charity is Brainwaves NI which I wrote about in my last blog if you would like to check it out.



Lee Havern

PTI Co-Founder