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I Snapped My Achilles

Hey Everyone,

Lee here, hope you’re well.

Yep, if you read the title of the blog, that’s exactly what happened.

Last Tuesday (September 12th) I snapped my achilles.

I was playing racquetball (maybe for about 20 minutes) and when I was running for the ball I heard this very loud “bang”. The next thing I knew I was on the floor.

Not knowing what happened I said to my friend “did I hit somthing?” thinking that I had hit the wall. He said no, he just heard a noise and looked around seeing me on the floor.

Anyway, I just thought I must have fell, until I tried to get up. That was when I couldn’t feel my right foot. I felt the back of my left leg (and felt my achilles), I felt the back of my right leg – NO Achilles.

I knew straight away what had happened especially with the loud bang I had heard just before I fell.

When I eventually got up, there was zero feeling in my foot.

Luckily I was somewhere that had a wheelchair (a leisure centre).

My friend drove me to the hospital straight afterwards and sure enough after bloods taken, X-ray checked – the achilles snapped (ruptured).

So, now in a cast and on crutches, it looks like surgery may be on the cards very soon.

It does mean, unfortunately, that there won’t be any crazy adventure races / challenges anytime soon.

Oh and I just hope that it’s not because of the first reason on the Bupa Website that this happened to me lol (below):

There are certain things that can put you at greater risk of rupturing your Achilles tendon. These include:

  • getting older
  • having tendinopathy (damage to your tendon, usually from overuse)
  • not warming up properly
  • doing more exercise than you’re used to or increasing the amount you do too quickly

Anyway, just to wrap up, I wanted to let everyone know, just incase we were going to be arranging any face to face meetings anytime soon (as this won’t be happening for a few months due to no travelling).

Look after yourselves folks and have a great week.


Health First

Team PTI