Professional Integrity and Ruffled Feathers


Hello everyone and a very Happy New Year to you all from everyone at Platinum Training Institute 😀


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My first blog of 2017 for PTI was going to be about the top 5 fitness trends making waves this year – but i’m afraid you’ll have to wait until next time for that 😉



Unfortunately something has been brought to our attention and we cannot ignore it:


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So in my usual style I will address it head on (Lee – cover your eyes and ears lol)

A few words on Professional Integrity:

Once you’ve lost it you can’t get it back!
It’s a bit like your reputation in that regard-
Get the name of an early riser and you can lie all day but this works the opposite way too.
As soon as mud has been thrown, some will stick. Your champions will have their doubts and your haters will have juicy gossip. Either way you’ve lost something valuable.
That is why I could’t leave this review without a rebuke.

When someone doesn’t listen to me
I can handle that
If someone doesn’t agree with my opinions
I can handle that
If someone can’t stand my country twang 😀
I can handle that
If someone is just a grumpy guts for no apparent reason
I can handle that
And if you don’t like me
Well, I can probably handle that too
But I was raised in a house of self-employed parents, taught exceptional work
ethic and the value of a good reputation, I have worked hard, alongside Lee, to build a reputable and successful business, so when someone calls into question my professional integrity…
Hell no, I can’t handle that and I won’t keep quiet.


Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 21.50.19


Any of my past students can confirm I preach a collaborative approach to personal training in Northern Ireland. I take the same approach to business- I truly believe that if we band together we can provide a better service for our clients. I believe if we work to our own strengths and refer where needed we will all become successful. I strive to cultivate networks to make sure everyone stays informed and can grow their knowledge base. I tell my students not to involve themselves in slanderous mud slinging word fights on social media, explaining this devalues their brand, reduces their likability and makes them look petty.
A friend asked today – was it ‘possibly a disgruntled past student?’ And I could whole heartedly say ‘definitely not because we keep in contact with our past students and they know our door is always open if they need help, advice or work related guidance’.

Some of our recently qualified L3 PTI Diploma students.

Some of our recently qualified L3 PTI Diploma students.

So it is obvious the writer of these comments is not a past student

The perpetrators of this particular piece of dodgy slander were cowardly enough to create a fake profile to aire a fictitious grievance for the sole purpose of trying to cast aspersions on our good reputation, a reputation that we value highly. It is the pride in our great reputation of honesty and integrity that has surely spurred the writer into action, trying to ‘hit us where it hurts’ so to speak. Baseless allegations with no grounds, just a disgruntled keyboard troll.




In my reply I state that i’m hurt and disappointed – this is still true and will continue to be true. In all my time in business, I have never come across persons so unprofessional, underhanded and lacking of a moral compass. To try and insinuate deceit on our part would be laughable if it weren’t such a gross and sad infringement of the truth.

I love what we are achieving, and all the success stories of our students, I love the wonderful and supportive team we have cultivated at PTI HQ. I’ll take this negative post as a compliment – we have obviously ruffled someone’s feathers because they see how damn good we are. The funny thing is they have accused us of the very things we have made a stand against in this industry.

To all our supporters, to those who help us champion the health first approach, to all our past, current and future students, thank you so much for choosing PTI. Our student-centric approach and high calibre delivery of courses will not falter – nor will our enthusiasm or passion for work we love.

Google have launched an investigation and we will have no issue pursuing legal action when the culprit is caught.  In the meantime we will continue with the good work we do, quietly confident that anyone who reads that piece of drivel knows Lee and I well enough to know it is untrue.

Thank you for your time,


. @Platinum Training Institute

PTI Director




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