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I Snapped My Achilles

Hey Everyone, Lee here, hope you’re well. Yep, if you read the title of the blog, that’s exactly what happened. Last Tuesday (September 12th) I snapped my achilles. I was playing racquetball (maybe for about 20 minutes) and when I was running for the ball I heard this very loud “bang”. The next thing I […]

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Elevating Fitness Instruction: The Power of Breathwork Facilitation

In the dynamic landscape of fitness and health, staying ahead means more than just mastering physical exercises. With the world emerging from a lockdown-induced era of heightened stress and anxiety, the spotlight is now on holistic well-being, and breath work has taken centre stage. For fitness instructors and PTs, embracing breathwork and becoming Breathwork Facilitators […]

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Goodbye LinkedIn

Hey Everyone, Hope you’re keeping well, Lee here. So I have been thinking about this for a while (5/6 years in fact 🤣). 5/6 years ago I deleted all of the PTI social media accounts, as part of a challenge, as I just didn’t find value in them anymore. I also deleted all of my […]

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Lee’s Challenge on World Drowning Prevention Day

World Drowning Prevention Day takes place on July 25th. On the same day, Lee Havern (Founder of Platinum Training Institute) will aim to complete 9 hours treading water in Queen’s University PEC Belfast diving pool (9am-6pm). He is trying to raise money for the RNLI Newcastle, Co. Down Lifeboat Station. This is definitely going to […]

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WHY NASM DESIGNED THE OPT MODEL NASM designed the OPT model (The Optimum Performance Training® Model) as a planned, systematic, and periodized training program. The OPT model simultaneously improves all physical abilities, such as flexibility, muscular and aerobic endurance, core stabilization, balance, muscular strength, coordination, and power. The OPT model is also extremely successful in […]


PTI are the International Partner of NASM

PTI are the International Partner of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) for Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. We have now launched NASM Courses on our Website. Below are just a few of the courses on offer. You can view all by clicking the ALL NASM Courses link.   Courses Include:   ALL NASM Courses […]

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New Podcast Episode with Bebhinn Flaherty

In today’s new podcast episode I chat with Bebhinn Flaherty BSc., MSc., HCPC who is a Sports Physiotherapist and Exercise Medicine Practitioner. Bebhinn also writes webinars and workshops for Platinum Training Institute specialising in Female Physiology and Training Female Athletes. Listen to this great conversation where we chat about Research, Intermittent Fasting, New Zealand and […]