Guaranteed Pass – Seriously?

This is very worrying for the Health and Fitness Industry (and any industry to be honest).

Over these past 25 years I have seen a lot of changes in health and fitness, especially in education.

I can remember when REPs UK (the Register of Exercise Professionals UK) set up and wanted to streamline how qualifications / coaching worked. They did well, for a while. Then, a few years ago, CIMSPA (the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity) took over from REPS UK. Once again they are trying to ensure the quality of qualifications in the UK, meaning properly educated coaches leading to great coaching (and then satisfied clients).

As the world has become faster (and everything needs to be instant), a lot of qualifications out there have been diluted to make sure they are completed quickly as providers don’t really want students going elsewhere. This leads to the fast track / intense qualification – if you have been reading our blogs for a while or have ever chatted to us you know our thoughts on these. Education is not FAST!

Now, even though we hate fast track / intense qualifications, there is something else that has been popping up in the industry these past few years…..

As a consumer, I am sure you would look at this and think Awesome, I will definitely pass this course, easy.

Think about that for a second….

How can anyone give you a GUARANTEED Pass in any qualification?

Doesn’t this mean that even if you don’t meet the criteria (set out by Ofqual, CIMSPA and the Awarding Organisations) that you will still pass?

Once again, think about that for a second…

I couldn’t tell you the amount of times I have been asked:

  • How quickly can I do your course?
  • What’s the cheapest course?

My answer to this has always been – Why do you want your education to be quick and cheap?

A lot of people are focusing on the wrong things when it comes to their education – Just the piece of paper and not HOW they get that piece of paper.

You should always do your research into the qualification(s) that you are looking to study. Check the length of the course, face to face time of the course, accreditation of the course, cost of the course and oh yes – if they GUARANTEE you a pass, just move to the next one.

I do get asked plenty of times by our students – What happens if I don’t pass? My response is always – We will show/tell you what you need to work on, then you will come back and try again, and again if needed, simple.

I would really love to hear your thoughts on this topic as I believe this will contribute to the industry not being taken seriously by the people we are trying to help.

Just drop us an email to tell us what you think –

Thanks very much everyone and take care.

Health First,

Team PTI.