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New Podcast Episode with Bebhinn Flaherty

In today’s new podcast episode I chat with Bebhinn Flaherty BSc., MSc., HCPC who is a Sports Physiotherapist and Exercise Medicine Practitioner. Bebhinn also writes webinars and workshops for Platinum Training Institute specialising in Female Physiology and Training Female Athletes. Listen to this great conversation where we chat about Research, Intermittent Fasting, New Zealand and Women NOT Being Small Men.

You can check out Bebhinn’s website, webinars and LIVE Online Workshop below:

Physio Nomad Website

Female Physiology and It’s Impact on Performance

Programming Considerations for Female Athletes

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport

Training Female Athletes LIVE Online Workshop

You can also email Bebhinn on thephysionomad@gmail.com


Health First,

Naomi, Team PTI.