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To Hell and Back – 8 Weeks to Go

HELL AND BACK – 8 Weeks to Go

This week was definitely the worst week of training by far as I suffered a back injury during one of my sessions. As I was completing my first set of Deadlifts my hand slipped on the 12th rep. This resulted in my lower back jerking. The following day I found it very difficult to get out of my car. For the remainder of the week I worked on just the back injury (rather than not training at all).

My back is definitely feeling a lot better so I am hoping to step my training back up this week (obviously staying mindful of my lower back).




Monday 25th April

Banbridge Leisure Centre

12 Lengths Frontcrawl



Wednesday 27th April 

Knowledge Fitness

Front Squat 5×5 – 50kg

Woodchop – 2×10 – 4 Plates

Bent Over Row – 5×5 – 70kg

Bodyweight Lunge – 2×10

Military Press – 5×5 – 45kg

Deadlift – 1×12 – 70kg



Friday 29th April

Primal Strength and Movement

Mobility and Injury Rehabilitation Session


Sunday 1st May

Slieve Gullion





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Lee Havern

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