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To become a Qualified Personal Trainer is very straight forward in today’s world. To become a Good Personal Trainer however is a completely different ball game.

Let’s take the pathway that a person needs to take to call themselves a “PT”.

First of all there is the Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing (A 2 week course – or less if completing Online). This is a Pre-Requisite to the Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training Qualification (A 4 week course or less if completing online).

So, 6 weeks or less to become a “PT”. SIMPLE. Is 6 Weeks enough? In my opinion – DEFINITELY NOT! Nobody to blame here except for the Board who decides how long it should take to complete the qualification(they are the bosses unfortunately), plus the world wants everything NOW – keep up with the demand.

Then you are free to start earning £30 an hour – Sounds Awesome, Right? No wonder so many people are switching profession when they hear these rates, especially when there are companies out there who GUARANTEE you a “Job” after you complete your 6 Week Course. The same companies will charge you a mortgage(or 2) to use a gym and do nothing else for you except put up your picture. This is an option and has worked very well for some trainers depending on their personality/experience and expertise, but for most it is a dead end.

So, how to become a Good/Great/Fantastic/Awesome Personal Trainer.

To gain the title PT, it is true that 6 weeks will do, but it takes years to become a Knowledgeable/Experienced/Trustworthy and Professional PT.


If you truly wish to enter this industry(Health/Leisure/Fitness whatever it is called) you need to know Why? Why do you want to become a PT?

Is it the Glamorous Job Title, To have the initials PT after your name, To know more than everyone else, or to actually help someone. Why?

In my opinion you need to know your niche/who do you want to help/why do you want to help/do you want to help? A Personal Trainer Qualification is not the end of the line, there are so many specialisms out there – ie – Corrective Exercise/Performance Enhancement/Pre and Post Natal/Exercise Referral/Leisure Management/ Cancer/Stroke/Obesity and Diabetes/Cardiac Rehab/Mental Health/Neurological/Life Coach/Tutor – the list goes on and on.

Do I think you should do all of these qualifications? HELL NO! – Remember “Niche” is the word.

If you would like more information and advice on how you can find your niche/become an excellent pt get in touch via the links below or why not give us a call

info@platinumtraininginstitute.com or call 028 9560 9329


Lee Havern


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