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This is the time of year when we start to look forward to the New Year and what kind of resolutions we want to make.

So, it’s not surprising where most of the marketing will be aimed… People’s Insecurities

I think you know what I mean? You will be sent Quotes and Questions such as:

Do you want to be at the same stage of life next year?

 – Do you want next year to be your best year ever?

 – Next Year you can have the best body you have ever had.

 – Be better Next Year.

Oh, then they throw you pitch


Let’s cut the Bulls*1t – There are some awesome sales guys and gals out there who can convince you that your life sucks and that they can turn everything around for you. THEY CAN’T

It’s the same every year.

We all look forward to a new start (Nothing wrong with that)

We all want to try new things (Nothing wrong with that)

We all want to improve in certain areas of our lives (Nothing wrong with that either)

What there is something wrong with is people/businesses selling you the magic cure just because it is the time of year that we are most vulnerable to buying in to their BS.

If you want a new start, if you want to try new things, if you want to improve certain areas of your life GO FOR IT – Just don’t let anyone convince you that they have what you NEED, WANT, WILL IMPROVE YOUR LIFE.

Only YOU can do that.

Have an Awesome Christmas Everyone

Health and Happiness


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