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Too Much Self-Improvement

Too Much Self-Improvement

In today’s world we are bombarded with self-improvement tips,tricks,books,social media posts,videos,podcasts etc etc etc

Nothing wrong with that, Right?

Well, In my opinion – Yes.

Too much of anything isn’t good.

I am all for striving to be the best version of yourself but it’s the quick fix self-improvement that I have a problem with.

Basically, with the amount of content out there in this subject, it can actually make people feel that their life sucks and that they aren’t good enough. I’ve definitely felt this way myself so I am sharing my opinion.

I have slowly, over this past year or two, started to delete/unsubscribe/say goodbye to anything that makes me feel that I’m not good enough. I’ve harped on about Social Media quite a bit in the past (Sorry lol) and to be honest it is the main culprit in my life.

“7 ways to instantly be successful” 

“11 ways to instantly feel better”

“23 ways to be the best”

“9 ways to get a six pack instantly”

You get the point!!!

It’s all click bait – We want everything quick so when we see a title that says “Instantly” or “Now” we can’t help but to click on it because we “know” it will have the secret recipe.

There is no secret recipe and most of the authors of these posts know it.

Only you have the answers to what makes you feel happy, no one can tell you how to be happy, also you can never be happy 100% of the time – Simple.

My advice – start listening to yourself (I am one of the worst culprits for not doing this). It’s your mind and it’s your life so only you can figure out what you want/need.

Delete the BS and this will give you Clarity.

Too Much Information doesn’t mean Great Information.

PS I deleted Facebook last week. I have been playing around with the idea for quite a while but it was finally time. Slowly I am trying to completely get off Social Media. I only have Twitter left so nearly there lol.




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