On our most recent Podcast, Naomi had a chat with Anthony J. Wall from ACE Fitness about his nonlinear journey in the health and fitness industry and how research based qualifications are essential! The American Council on Exercise is a non-profit exercise professional and health coach certification organisation offering a range of qualifications as well as a myriad of online resources for fitness professionals and enthusiasts alike!

This podcast is definitely worth a listen if you have not checked it out already. ACE Fitness have a simple mission: to get people moving. Their intention is to make sure that people have the resources to live an active healthy life and this resonates with us here at Platinum which is why we felt so passionately about getting Anthony onto the podcast to chat with us.

We highly recommend checking out their website which we have included down below which has an abundance of information on what they do and offer, including a list of ACE approved courses as well as advice for professionals and those involved with or beginning their own business. 

Overall, the work done by the guys at ACE is very important in the field of Health and Fitness and is something we felt we should share with our audience. Many thanks to Anthony for coming onto the podcast as well as to everyone who listened to and downloaded the episode!


Team PTI

ACE Website