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To Hell and Back – 11 Weeks to Go

HELL AND BACK – 11 Weeks to Go


This week I definitely stepped up my training with 8 sessions completed, also I started doing Rock Climbing this week(I went twice lol) which was absolutely awesome. I think I’ve found my new sport lol.

In Hell and Back there is plenty of climbing involved so I thought “Why Not?”

I would definitely recommend checking it out if you get the chance.

My running is slowly increasing in Distance (I’m not looking to push it too far too soon as Running was always the activity that I despised unless there was a reason for it). I’m completing an extra length of the park each week which is 0.8 km in total, this means in another 4 weeks I will have got to my 7km target, then I can just work on increasing my speed over the 7km

Also, I got a GoPro camera this week, so I’m going to start posting a few videos on the blog over the next couple of weeks.



Monday 4th April

Running  – Total 3.2km – Solitude Park


Tuesday 5th April

Knowledge Fitness

Front Squats – Pyramid Work

Military Press – Pyramid Work

Bent Over Row – Pyramid Work


Wednesday 6th April 

Running – 3.2km – Solitude Park


Friday 8th April

Session 1 – Running – 3.2km – Solitude Park


Session 2 – Rock Climbing (Tollymore Mountain Centre)

I tried all different kinds of routes on the Bouldering Wall.


Session 3 – Gym (Knowledge Fitness)

Mobility Work – I spent about 10-15 mins working on Joint Mobility

Supersets – Deadlifts/Box Jumps (As I haven’t deadlifted in months I used 70kg for 10 Reps followed by 10 Reps of Box Jumps) I completed about 6 Sets of this in total. This helps work on my explosiveness.


Sunday 10th April

Session 1 – Mountain Walk – Slieve Croob – 3.2km


Session 2 – Rock Climbing (Tollymore Mountain Centre) – Yep I loved it that much that I went back for 30 mins of climbing. Loved it



This was definitely a harder week than the last and I have also planned a lot more training this week which I’m really looking forward to(also a few new activities planned again lol)


Thanks for reading Guys. Also below is the link for my Just Giving Page. The Charity is Brainwaves NI which I wrote about in my last blog if you would like to check it out.



Lee Havern

PTI Co-Founder