HELL AND BACK – Week 3 of Training

I thought I would start off this week’s blog with a video of what exactly I’ve got myself in for. Enjoy



Anyway, Thanks very much for reading Guys and just to bring you up to speed I have attached my last 2 Weeks of training Blogs below.


This week has definitely seen the least amount of training that I have done so far due to work and other commitments. No Excuse though. I trained a total of 3 times this week and it mostly focused on increasing my walking/running distance and a bit of mobility work also. Also, after my charity swim on Sunday past my hamstrings were extremely tight for 2-3 days afterwards. That’s what I get for throwing myself in at the deep end but it was definitely worth it for Sport Relief.

To be honest, the week commencing 28th March will need to see a lot more training sessions thrown in to make sure I am on track for what’s coming on June 26th. A bad week doesn’t need to turn into a bad month.

13 Weeks to Go, now is the time for a kick up the You Know What.

Here is the training for Week Commencing 21st March.



Monday 21st March

Morning Session – Kilmore Park, Newry

4 Laps of the Park – Running  – Total 2.25km – There were a lot more hills in this park than my normal route.

Throughout the Day – Handstand


Friday 24th March 

Morning Session – Solitude Park

4 Laps of the Park – Walking and Running when I felt able to do both, trying to run further – Total 3.6km. I added an extra length in this week and will try to do the same each week until the event.

Throughout the Day – Handstand



Sunday 27th March

Mountain Walk – Slieve Croob

3.1km in Total, this was to focus on the incline and work on my breathing and leg endurance.

Throughout the Day – Handstand

Mountain Walk


This week definitely didn’t have the volume that I wanted in my training, however, I did increase the distance in my running which is definitely a positive. I have already planned out every day of my training for the following week and I will try to give it everything.

I have also decided on the Charity that I will be working with for this event and will be bringing you more details next week. The Charity is called Brainwaves NI.


Thanks very much much for reading this 3rd Week of My Training for Hell and Back, I will be updating it every Monday right the way up to the event so make sure to stay tuned.


Lee Havern

PTI Co-Founder