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Frozen Shoulder can last 5 Years – What?

Frozen Shoulder can last 5 Years – What?

I found out in November 2017 from a Physiotherapist that I have a Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive capsulitis). I didn’t really know too much about what that was so I decided to write this blog.


What is it?

                                  How Does it Happen?

                                                                                         How do you Treat it?


Let me tell you this – It’s nothing like what I expected.

How did the Frozen Shoulder start?

In October 2016 I had a slight niggle in my shoulder, nothing major, just a very dull pain. I didn’t think too much of it and got on with my life as normal. Also in October 2016 I was planning a few events that I was going to take part in in 2017. These included:


        Peninsula Relay Triathlon in Bangor

         Tough Mudder

Skerries Relay Triathlon

 Zombie Run


Just click each link to see what is involved – Do you need to use your shoulder for these events??? Ehhh, Hell Yes.

Now, I obviously didn’t know at this stage that I had a frozen shoulder, otherwise I wouldn’t have booked any of these events. During a couple of the events I noticed my shoulder didn’t have the strength or grip I would normally have.

Fast forward to November 2017, with all events completed, my shoulder started to get worse and worse. It reached a stage where I couldn’t put my coat on.

I decided to see a Physio. He said I have a Frozen Shoulder. I had a sigh of relief thinking “Ah that’s great, doesn’t sound too serious”. Boy was I wrong.

It gradually got worse and worse. It came to the stage where I had to see a Doctor (I never go to the Doctor lol). He booked me in for a Cortisone injection, I thought this was the cure that I needed. Nope, zero help. During this time I was looking up what a frozen shoulder was, how long it could last etc etc


How long can a Frozen Shoulder last?

According to the NHS website frozen shoulder usually takes at least 1.5 to 2 years to get better. Sometimes it can be up to 5 years – What????? So, I have had a frozen shoulder from October 2016 which would mean I could still have quite a while to go.

I can’t put on my coat, take off my coat, reach above my head even put my seat-belt on without a very sharp pain.

I can’t even swim a length in the pool (front crawl or breaststroke) as the movement is so restricted.


What has Helped?

This brings me on to the one thing that gave me a bit of release, something I have never done before – Acupuncture. Yep, sticking lots and lots of needles all over my body. The instant release after one session was amazing. I have gone each week and am seeing huge benefits – Is it cured? Not even close but I feel it is getting there.


If you are diagnosed with a frozen shoulder try whatever you can but in my opinion the treatment that has worked beyond all others is Acupuncture.

Don’t take a Frozen Shoulder lightly – Trust me…


Thanks for Reading

Lee Havern

PTI Founder