It Has Been A While

Fit Mind Matters

Our last blog was on April 10th 2020.

I’m sure you can agree that’s quite a while to go without posting.

413 Days to be exact.

Even the time difference between Podcasts was quite long – July 2020 with No Podcast until March 2021.


To be honest our team took a break. Just like most of the world we stopped.

I can only speak for myself when talking about why I took a break.

With my business, Platinum Training Institute , we had a lot of adjusting to do with switching our courses online. Moving everything to digital meant spending so much time everyday on digital devices (so spending even more time on them didn’t make sense).

Was this the only reason?


Last Month I recorded a short Podcast just explaining why there was a huge time gap and also what the plan was going forward with Fit Mind Matters.

Hopefully we will be posting blogs more often going forward.

Check out the Fit Mind Matters Podcast and I would love to hear your questions / comments / suggestions by emailing us at fitmindmatters@gmail.com

Health and Happiness Everyone


Fit Mind Matters

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