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Health and Fitness Myths

A lot of “evidence” regularly does the sounds suggesting things about health and fitness that are very widely believed. Today, we thought we’d look at a couple of them and some real evidence to debunk these myths.

  1. Morning Workouts are best

It has been widely promoted on social media that the earlier in the morning that you workout, the longer the positive effects will last through the day. Thankfully, a research paper by the University of Edinburgh found that it is not time that matters but the consistency of the time. So, if early mornings work for you then keep going but if night-time is more your thing then keep going with those late night workouts. Very good for night owls like myself.

2. Problem solving games are the best Brain workout

Lots of video games over the last decade have focused very much on active “Brain Training” which may boost your IQ and problem solving ability. This may be good for your brain, however, many studies recently by top universities have pointed to Aerobic Exercise as having the best long lasting impact on your brain, being described as just as good for your brain as your heart by professors in Harvard.

3. Weight training is just for men

Weights don’t see gender. Despite the vast differences in testosterone, which improves the ability to build muscles, anyone can engage in whatever training they want.

4. Sports drinks are the best way to rehydrate

A lot of advertising around sports drinks is based on their ability to hydrate, although a meta-analysis on all the major drinks in this field found that they are mostly just sugar and water and that a normal bottle of water is significantly better at rehydrating after a big workout.

5. Marathon running is the ideal running to engage in

Marathon training is a mountain of a task and is something that is not for everyone. Many people however, see it as a goal as it is the ideal way to get fit. Despite this, studies from the University of Stanford have found that people who run for an hour a week, as long is it is built up every day, show the same health benefits as people who run for 3 hours a week. It has also been found that 5-10 minutes of vigorous running is better for your fitness levels than an hour of moderate running.


Team PTI