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Final Update – I Snapped My Achilles

Final Update I Snapped My Achilles

Hey Everyone,

Lee here, hope you’re keeping well.

So I thought I would give you a final update on what’s been happening after I Snapped (Ruptured) My Achilles.

Robocop Boot

You can read the first 2 blogs below if you wish:

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As you can see from my previous blog, I had to wear a Robocop boot and every 2 weeks it was adjusted lower. This happened for a total of 8 weeks and the great news is that last week I finally took it off.

Last week I saw my physio in the hospital and they were delighted with the progress. I went from having to wear the boot (24/7) with 2 crutches, to no boot with 2 crutches, to just 1 crutch. At times over this past week I was also able to walk with no crutches (although the weather makes sure I have a crutch with me everywhere I go lol). I am also back driving again.

Also, last week, I had a scan to see what was going on. They gave me the great news that the achilles has now attached and is slowly starting to strengthen.

All that is left now is physio appointments / exercises (for quite a while). The great part is no surgery is needed.


September 12th – I Snapped My Achilles

November 28th – Scan says its attached

What a Journey lol

A huge thank you to everyone for your well wishes over the past few months.

Time for me to stop bothering you with updates about it lol.

Thanks again everyone.

Take care of yourselves.


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