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The Easiest Way to Build your PT Business for Free.

The Easiest Way to Build your PT Business for Free If you are anything like me every time you scroll along your Facebook feed you are bombarded with ads for the latest marketing and sales techniques for trainers… Companies promising you…

Pandemic Proof your PT Business

Pandemic Proof your PT Business   If the pandemic has taught us one thing it's that relying on one source of income as a fitness professional isn’t necessarily the best option.   As gyms were closed and you could no longer…
Fit Mind Matters
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Podcast – Health and Happiness in Copenhagen

Hey Everyone Hope You're Well This week I thought I would start off with sharing a Podcast from Fit Mind Matters as one of our past students (Karen) interviewed a PT in Copenhagen about Health and Happiness in Denmark. Check out the…
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What are you training for?

Let's get a few things straight! You won't have a perfect diet every day, you won't be able to give 100% every single time in every single gym session. You are human. We all have bad days where we fall off the wagon, fail to hit our…
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Ok, here it is. To become a Qualified Personal Trainer is very straight forward in today’s world. To become a Good Personal Trainer however is a completely different ball game. Let’s take the pathway that a person needs to take to…