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Do You Keep a Journal?

Do You Write in it Every Day?

My Answers are YES and NO – I keep a Journal BUT I don’t write in it every day (which I am trying to get better at).

Sometimes I think I have a lot of clutter in my mind and what really helps is writing down my thoughts and feelings each morning.

Sometimes I use it to give me guidance for the day ahead and check in with how my body and mind are feeling.

Typically it is filled with positive quotes and thoughts but occasionally this is what comes out (Today’s Journal Entry):


“It seems my mind is at a cross-roads today.

When I put a plan in place my mind wants to change it. Never settles.

Need to find peace, calm and silence in this cluttered mind.

De-clutter EVERYTHING in life to find the peace of mind.

Restless is the word today.

What is the point? What is my role? What do I need to do?

TODAY drown out the NOISE.

Walk / Meditate / Think and 

LOVE Yourself”


After I wrote this I went straight to the forest for a walk because obviously my mind is telling me to slow down and think about the positives.

Once again, keeping a journal will help you gain clarity with what is in your mind.

I haven’t had a day like this in so long but I am glad I wrote down what was in my mind because it helped me STOP and Re-Centre. I have been extremely busy this past few weeks which is the reason for the crash.

Write your thoughts and feelings down because sometimes we don’t know what  our mind is telling us until we stop and listen.


Take Care Everyone

Have a Great Week

Health and Happiness


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