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What Do I Mean by Too Much News?

Simple, It’s Everywhere We Look.

Is That a Bad Thing?

Considering that most news is bad then in my opinion YES!

Do you ever notice when watching a news programme that all of the stories are negative, UNTIL the last story?

They fill you up with negativity and just when they are about to end the programme they throw one small positive story in there. They want you to return to watch their programme the next day.

Quite Smart when you think about it.

If they ended on a negative story you probably wouldn’t come back to watch the next day.

Now, I am only talking about the regular news programme on terrestrial TV (the 6 o’clock or 10 o’clock news).

Today, however, it is everywhere we look. TV, Radio, Newspapers, Social Media, Phone Apps, YouTube etc. We can’t hide from it. If you do hide from it then more than likely you will have a family member, friend or work colleague tell you the news.

I try and reduce my intake of news as much as possible.

  • I don’t have Terrestrial TV
  • I don’t have Social Media
  • I don’t have an Internet App on my phone
  • I don’t have the News App on my phone
  • I don’t read Newspapers
  • I don’t talk to friends, family or work colleagues (Lol Only Joking).

I am quite lucky to not take in the abundance of negative news stories as most people do.

This is why I recommend a detox.

Any form of news that is causing negative emotions in you I recommend a break from it.

I have heard the saying before “It is ignorant not to know what is going on in the world”


Is it not worse to fill your mind up with constant negativity that consumes your thoughts for the day.

Staying informed is one thing but letting negative news overtake your thoughts is something else.

All I am saying is think about what media you are consuming and see how it affects you.

Take a break from it from time to time. 

Take Care of Yourself First.

Have a Great Week Everyone.

Health and Happiness,


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