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Health and Fitness Myths

A lot of "evidence" regularly does the sounds suggesting things about health and fitness that are very widely believed. Today, we thought we'd look at a couple of them and some real evidence to debunk these myths. Morning Workouts are best It…

Positives And Negatives of the Vegan Diet

The Vegan diet and lifestyle is one that has been around for decades at this point, however, over the last few years it has grown tenfold in public consciousness with most chain restaurants and businesses offering and promoting vegan alternatives.…

LIVE Online Seminar – Sunday 2nd August – 10am-2pm

LIVE Online Seminar - Sunday 2nd August - 10am-2pm   Health First Team PTI
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Sickly Sweet: Prevalence and Diagnosis of Diabetes

Diabetes is a growing problem.  More people than ever before are being diagnosed and as Personal Trainers, we have an opportunity to help this population of clients who are often left without help or hope!   SO......last weekend…
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Think Snoozing is Losing? Think Again!

Does anyone nap? The value of napping: A brief overview Napping isn't just for babies and older adults, napping is for anyone who wants to improve their productivity and get MORE done in the day. I know, this sounds counterintuitive,…
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Being happy when you have S.A.D

  Super excited about the arrival of my wee Lumie!! As part of researching a method to combat my insomnia, I read a lot about Seasonal Affective Disorder or S.A.D. Its really interesting topic that made a lot of sense to me.…
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A stubborn mule is hard to turn! 

  Isn't that the truth?! I don't get into heated debates with closed minded people anymore, I simply accept they are not ready for that level of understanding. This isn't me being pretentious, it's just takes time for…

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Certificate in Applied Nutrition for Health, Wellness, Weight Management and Sports Performance

This qualification provides learners with knowledge and skills to apply reliable, evidence-based nutritional science and healthy eating recommendations.

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Annual PTI Webinar 2023

Webinar Breakdown: The many faces of trauma and the journey of healing Introduction to Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Foot Biomechanics made simple Should Women Train Differently to Men? Nervous System Regulation…