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Health and Fitness Myths

A lot of “evidence” regularly does the sounds suggesting things about health and fitness that are very widely believed. Today, we thought we’d look at a couple of them and some real evidence to debunk these myths. Morning Workouts are best It has been widely promoted on social media that the earlier in the morning […]

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Happy Christmas from Team PTI!

We just wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone we have worked with this year a very Happy Christmas from all of us here at Team PTI! This year has had its challenges for everyone and sometimes it can feel like it’s not worth celebrating but it is important to keep your mind on […]

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Music in Workouts

This week, we want to take a look at a conversation that a lot of people have had in recent years and see what existing research says about it. So, are there any actual, real world benefits to the use of music while you are working out or training? Research: Hallett and Lamont seem to […]

PTI 6th Birthday

This Tuesday 1st December, Platinum Training Institute turns 6 years old. We all can not believe how fast the time has gone and we are so grateful for everyone who has been involved in our journey this far. We’ve watched ourselves grow with every achievement along the way and have been blown away at some […]

PTI Birthday Discounts

On December 1st Platinum Training Institute will turn 6 years old. We cannot believe where the time has gone and would like to say a huge Thank You to everyone who has been involved with PTI. THANK YOU. We have decided to offer a Discount on a range of our Online Courses / Workshops / Webinars etc which you can find below. **Discounts will […]

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Intro: This last year, we have seen an incredible increase in what is known as Habit-Breaking Behaviour. This is the conscious effort to try and reduce or eliminate any behaviour seen by the person themselves as negative. Here, I will lay out a few tips and observations found in research over the past 30 years […]

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ACE Fitness

On our most recent Podcast, Naomi had a chat with Anthony J. Wall from ACE Fitness about his nonlinear journey in the health and fitness industry and how research based qualifications are essential! The American Council on Exercise is a non-profit exercise professional and health coach certification organisation offering a range of qualifications as well […]