The Easiest Way to Build your PT Business for Free.

The Easiest Way to Build your PT Business for Free

If you are anything like me every time you scroll along your Facebook feed you are bombarded with ads for the latest marketing and sales techniques for trainers…

Companies promising you hundreds of ready to buy leads and the latest sales funnel to have an endless stream of clients flowing into your PT business.

But let’s be real, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is!

It’s time to take a step back for a moment, just like when a client wants to do a single leg squat on a BOSU ball before they can squat properly.

You need to go back to basics with your business.

The one basic thing every single PT needs to master to help increase their reach, help more people and ultimately build their brand and paying client base is…

Learn how to speak to your niche (ideal client) on their level.

Mastering this skill is the ultimate way of gaining new clients and growing your business within the coaching industry.

Now depending on how you serve your clients, whether through in person coaching or online you will have to speak to your clients through different mediums.

In person coaching: 

If you are a trainer in a gym walking the floor day to day the absolute best way to build your business is to speak to prospects on the gym floor.  Going up to someone who looks a little lost to give them advice on what to do and a few ideas on the best way to hit their goals only takes a few minutes of your time but it could gain you a client that will potentially work with you for years.

If you observe someone performing an exercise incorrectly don’t just walk by, stop, ask them if they need a hand, talk to them on their level, explain the exercise and what needs corrected before watching them do a few reps correctly.  Not only does this allow you to help more people but it allows prospects to see first-hand your knowledge and how it can apply to them and help them achieve their goals.

Online coaching: 

Now obviously online is going to be slightly different as you may never meet your clients or speak to them face to face normally, this is especially true when they are only prospects.  This is why when you want to become an online coach it’s even more important to know your target market, narrow it down to exactly who you want to work with, how you specifically can help them, get to know your target market pains and problems and then use an online platform to speak to them and help them get results.  Using a platform like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or email allows you to speak directly to your audience like you would on the gym floor.  In this day and age, you will have to get comfortable on camera to really excel at online coaching.

When speaking to potential customers in person or online you always want to look and remain professional.  You want to speak on a level they can understand, it may sound smart talking a load of science and detail but if your audience can’t understand and implement it then it will all be lost in translation and not help anyone.  The detailed information you have learnt needs to be spoken in an easy to understand actionable way.  This allows your clients to appreciate the knowledge you have on the subject but also means they can implement ideas that you are giving them.  This builds trust in you as a coach and makes your audience comfortable with you which means they will want to work with you sooner.

Remember your goal as a fitness professional is to help people become fitter and healthier. When you are speaking to them keep this in mind at all times and help everyone as much as you can.

Paul Cooney