Do Not Disturb

There is a little button on your iPhone that will revolutionise your life!!

Your phone is a distraction in more ways than you can imagine…

Can you recall being super focused and engrossed in a task only for your phone to start beeping?

Have you ever been out with friends and having a great in depth conversation only for the ping of a notification to completely steal your concentration?

Of course you have!

That persistent Ping is the death knell for creativity, productivity and human connection.

Every-time you get a notification you release a little of your feel good neurotransmitter dopamine – This makes us addicted, even just slightly, makes us feel connected, wanted and accepted.

But it’s not a real or true acceptance it’s a marketing ploy and a synthetic technology created connectivity – and we are chasing these at the expense of real life connectedness.

There is a button on your phone that will change the way you interact with friends and increase your productivity, it’s called Do Not Disturb.  If you don’t have this button keeping your phone on silent when you are with friends or trying to concentrate is the next best thing.

Mobile phones are an essential part of living in today’s world…

…But they shouldn’t be allowed to overtake our lives!!!




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