Bio-Mechanics Workshops

Intrinsic Biomechanics Workshop 

Nov 16th 10-4pm

  • Do you have clients who struggle with range of movement in their squat?
  • Maybe your clients struggle to plank, down dog or roll down?
  • Wish you knew why their shoulders just wont allow them to press overhead?
  • Do you have clients afraid to do certain exercises because of their physical limitations or even pain?
  • Would you like to see their movement improve before your very eyes?
  • Maybe YOU want to improve your own ability to move?
Learn how to:
•Assess where limitations are coming from with a simple evidence based screening programme 
•Learn the relevant techniques that improve movement & function of the pelvis, spine & shoulder
Pelvic Biomechanics – In this section we look at evidence based manual assessments for the pelvis, including how to identify sub-clinical muscle spasm, the difference between structural v’s functional leg length discrepancy and a system of exercise application to improve pelvic function in your clients.
Spine Biomechanics – In this section we will show you how to asses & correct thoracic rotation. This stunning screen can literally be a game changer in so many ways.
Shoulder Biomechanics – In this section we will show you how to assess & correct shoulder function of one of the key muscles that directly influence posture and movement in your clients – right down to the feet!

iMoveFreely Instructor Workshop 

Nov 17th 10-5pm
  • Are you an exercise to music instructor?
  • Do you teach Les mills, Indoor cycling, HIIT, circuits, Pilates, Yoga, Aerobics, Aqua?
  • Do you have participants of all different levels and abilities?
  • Do you have participants with aches and niggles?
  • Would you like to expand your knowledge to help them better?
This revolutionary 1 day workshop is the perfect way to enhance every single previous workshop or course you have ever attended.
The iMoveFreely® programme changed the way that I teach every class & client. I put this information into my Fitness Pilates, FFY & Conditioning programmes to help my clients improve their movement & prevent injury.
Jayne Nicholls
Director Group X Training Ltd
Based upon 20yrs of research and used by Olympic athletes and professional sports people as well as the general public the Intrinsic Biomechanics principles are renowned for getting results through:
  •       Freedom of movement
•Re-alignment of joints
•Correcting muscle imbalances
•Reduced injury risk
•Improved performance
•Pain reduction
•Preparation for exercise
This is what people are saying about it..
•   ” I have used the 4 Sign on my clients and in my legs, bums and tum’s class today. There is no need to convince them any further, practically everyone felt a release and moved more freely!’
•     ” My mind was buzzing after last week’s workshop, I loved it. I have had some very successful results with the four sign which I include at the end of my Pilates class.”
•  ”  Many thanks for a great course last Saturday. You’ve certainly opened my eyes to the amazing benefits of muscle release.”
• ”  I’ve been practicing the releases on myself and have seen an amazing improvement in my posture. For years I’ve been out of alignment at knees, hips, shoulder and head.” ·
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……Move Freely!