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Hello there everyone and Happy New Year (if I can still say that in mid-January).

A few days ago I sat down to write a list of a few tips I’ve learnt over this past 22 years working in the health and fitness industry (and life in general). 

These tips are for overall health, fitness, mindset, career, education and just general wellbeing.

I have tried everything on this list which is why I wanted to share them with you. Some are extremely basic, obvious but sometimes we forget about the simplest things. We try to make life complicated. How many times have you heard “Keep it Simple…. Stupid (KISS)”.

There is no order of importance, I just started writing until I couldn’t think of anything else (although, I know plenty more will pop into my head, in which case I will do a part 2).

Enjoy and I would love to hear your thoughts by emailing us on 


Drink plenty of water

Fresh Air – Especially first thing in the morning

Single ingredient foods

If a food doesn’t agree with you don’t take it

Deep breaths daily / meditate

Cold shower

Grounding – bare foot 

Spend time with friends / family


Switch everything off once in a while

Walk / Run / Jump / Climb / Swim / Crawl / Train outdoors

Take time to yourself, we all need to be alone sometime 

Call more / text less

Play – Physically (especially with others)

Educate – Read / do a course / learn a language / constantly educate yourself

Declutter physical possessions

Declutter digitally – Newsletters (unsubscribe) / Apps / Social Media / Accounts / Devices

Use social media less – delete most followers and only follow a handful ( I went further and deleted all social media accounts 4 years ago)

No screens in bedroom

Don’t look at your phone first thing in the morning – Sit in silence for a few minutes to start your day off calmly

Always be mindful when bringing something new into your life (physical / digital) – Do you “need it”?

Less screen time 

Limit blue light exposure on phone and any other screens

Challenge yourself every so often – Physically and Mentally

Have a work station at home (this is the only place that you do work / use computer etc)

Standing desk

Stool in bathroom 

Schedule work time at home

Do what you love doing

Help others – Listen

Keep Talking – Don’t bottle things up

Balance is key


There you go folks. I would love to hear your thoughts on this list and if there is anything you would add.

Have a great 2022 everyone.


Health and Happiness


Fit Mind Matters


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