Procrastination and Fear

Fit Mind Matters

“Life’s blows cannot break a person whose spirit is warmed by the fire of enthusiasm.” – Norman Vincent Peale

We all want to do so many things with our life that we really don’t know where to start, so what happens?
Procrastination is a terrible thing. Will I, Won’t I, What If it doesn’t work, Maybe etc. It limits our experiences and our happiness and is spawned from Fear. As Roger Waters from Pink Floyd once said “Fear Builds Walls“. I think it’s time to knock those walls down.
I have definitely procrastinated quite a lot before and watched opportunity after opportunity pass me by. Not a nice feeling, knowing that you really COULD HAVE done something awesome. I decided “No More”, Time to do what I want to do and I’m not afraid of what “Might” happen. If we never took risks we would never have had those brilliant experiences, feelings and relationships.
Don’t be Happy Enough with watching Life go by.
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