Talk is Cheap – I Know

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How many times in your life have you heard the saying “Talk is Cheap”?

It’s True.

“I’m going to do this…” and “I’m going to do that” are used a lot, mostly for people to think that they really are doing something with their lives, it gives a sense of comfort thinking that “Someday” it will get done.

For a few years I lived this.

In my younger years I was always an Act first, think later kind of guy. I just did something then I talked about it. I had No Fear.

About 5 or 6 years ago that changed. My Confidence dropped and Fear started creeping in to my Mindset (don’t get me wrong we all have that bit of Fear but this became a lot worse).

I slowly started moving inward, the Happy Go Lucky, laid back, Act Now/Think later Lee was slowly disappearing.

I talked and talked and talked about the things that I was “Going to Do” – with No Action. All because of Confidence and Fear.

Over this past few years I slowly started getting my Confidence back, but there was still a lot of Fear in there.

How can you be Confident and still have Fear?

Simple, you can have Confidence in your ideas but have Fear in putting them out there.

Sooner or later Action needs to be taken.

It has only been as recently as this year that I have started taking Action again, Acting First and thinking later (there is still a bit of a journey to go as there are still a few ideas that I want to put into action but I know that I will).

I no longer feel the need to talk about what I’m going to do so that I have people praise me.

The reason behind this post is to reach out to anyone who has low confidence or any type of fear in putting their ideas out into the world.

It will be Alright.

You are You and Don’t ever be ashamed of that.

Be Proud and Take the Leap.

Trust me when I say – It will be worth it.


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