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Biomechanics Webinar

Would you like to gain a deeper level of understanding of the body & human movement? Do you have clients who struggle with a range of movement in their squat?
Training female Athletes

Training Female Athletes Workshop

The menstrual cycle and its impact on training and performance has been largely ignored by the sport and exercise industry for decades
Incorporating Props

Incorporating Props into your Pilates Classes

This is a 4-hour in-person CPD Training for Pilates Teachers on how to add small balls and equipment into your Matwork classes which incorporates: · the Magic Circle · Prickle Stimulating Balls · the Bender Ball · the Foam Roller
Relaxation Workshop

Adding Relaxation to your Pilates Classes

This is a 4-hour online CPD Training for Pilates Teachers on how to help clients with stress and trauma and add relaxation/meditation activities to your classes.

Pilates Off The Mat

Pilates Matwork is taking the wellness world by storm. But what do you do for those clients who cannot actually make it to the mat? Join Pilates Trainer Victoria Cunningham for this workshop to learn how to adapt Pilates Matwork Exercises for clients who need more accessible options.

Run Your Life – Running Foundations

The purpose of this course is to provide a safe and basic understanding of the execution and troubleshooting of these techniques.

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Run Your Life – Running Foundations Workshop

The aim of this course is to provide coaches and runners with a broad overview and insight into the key areas of running namely: Gait analysis, Running styles, Environment stressors Training zones, Menstrual cycle, Planning…

Annual PTI Webinar 2023

Webinar Breakdown: The many faces of trauma and the journey of healing Introduction to Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Foot Biomechanics made simple Should Women Train Differently to Men? Nervous System Regulation…

Small Group Personal Training – The Role of a Coach

The fitness industry is booming and as a coach and facility having a product that stands out is key.  In this course we look at all elements that should be considered when planning your Small group Personal Training.