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Overweight – Part One

Fit Mind Matters

As part of the overweight Module 1  –  I explore how Climbing, Walking, Moving, Outdoor Pursuits, etc… can help! with your overall Mental Health and productivity and GUT BUSTING efforts aside from regular training. Combing this with an attempt to improve my movement and do something for myself, I wanted to move away from the Personal Trainer, Gym, Bootcamp, arena, where an increasing friendly community of people silently compete against each other about who can do the most burpees or pressups.

I started this Module by taking a 1.5 Hour walk in my local Mountains, the Mournes in County Down, Visiting the Cloughmore Stone and scratching the cracks like a limp meerkat, it was a hot day I still have the sunburn to prove it but a great start to the summer season.

I tried to get onto the Cloughmore stone but it was too rounded and overhanging to even come close to getting my fat ass up even a step, Partial Grip, Crumbly Sandstone, no security for falls, NA…. So I moved on

Orienteering amongst a few hills arriving at the summit eventually and there were great views of the clouds beneath, While it would have been adventurous to veer off the already tracked paths ahead, sticking to the clearly defined paths lead to some sort of completion, arriving back at the car park where I arrived.

When I started I was feeling like a seized engine, while working on my last Job as an IT engineer working 15 hour days in front of a computer in a black plastic chair for three months, I had enough. Getting outside, breathing, and moving – (These all seem like obvious things now) are the basic building blocks of repairing yourself.

Get outside – Today I am 14 Stone. Analogue Scale.