February Challenge – Single Ingredients

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Goodbye January, Hello February.

So, every month as part of Fit Mind Matters, I always set myself a challenge (although this last year or so has not been the norm).

I remember back a few years ago, writing down every month and beside it putting a challenge:


January – No Alcohol

February – No Coffee

March – Take Social Media off my phone

April – No Home Internet

May…….. and so on.


I really enjoyed challenging myself in areas that made me uncomfortable. Now it’s time to try a challenge every month again (you’re more than welcome to join me, it’s great to challenge yourself and step out of your comfort zone every so often).

January has always been straightforward. After Christmas holidays it’s always nice to go off alcohol for the month (not an extreme challenge by any stretch as I rarely drink as it is).

February? I originally had in my head to do the “no coffee” month again, however, I have now decided to switch this to “Single Ingredient Food” February.

What do I mean?

Simple! I can only eat foods that are made from single ingredients.

No packaged foods (which is nearly everything these days).

Fruit / Vegetables / Meat / Fish / Water / Tea / Coffee are all good.

Tea and Coffee? Hmm but you are adding Hot Water Lol?

There is nothing wrong with combing foods / liquids to make a dish but we can’t use things like sauces / gravy etc as these are already packaged as multi ingredient foods. Even Oats are ok (depending on what you are soaking them in). Water is obviously no problem but milk (dairy/plant), are these ok? This is where you need to research.

This will actually be a lot more difficult than we think.

Also, we can be really pedantic and say that we really don’t know if even single ingredient foods are actually single ingredient. This is true but for the sake of this challenge we can generalise that something like oranges / apples / lettuce / scallions / onions etc are single ingredient.

I would love to hear your thoughts and also if you would be interested in taking part?

Email us at fitmindmatters@gmail.com with your thoughts and comments.

Take Care Everyone and Have a Great February.


Health and Happiness,

Fit Mind Matters.



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