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New Recorded Webinars

New Recorded Webinars On Sunday 2nd August we held a Live Seminar Online. The Seminar is now available in it's entirety below and also as Individual Sessions for each topic covered. Check them out by clicking below:   Full…
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Live Webinars

Live Webinars Hey Everyone Hope You're Keeping Well and Staying Safe. Check out our first confirmed Live Webinar by clicking here or on the image below. All booking information is in the description. We will have a list of…

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Annual PTI Webinar 2023

Webinar Breakdown: The many faces of trauma and the journey of healing Introduction to Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Foot Biomechanics made simple Should Women Train Differently to Men? Nervous System Regulation…

Small Group Personal Training – The Role of a Coach

The fitness industry is booming and as a coach and facility having a product that stands out is key.  In this course we look at all elements that should be considered when planning your Small group Personal Training.

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Annual PTI Webinar (Online)

Annual Webinar (Recorded on June 25th 2023). Check out the entire schedule of speakers and topics below. Health First, Team PTI

Biomechanics Webinar

Would you like to gain a deeper level of understanding of the body & human movement? Do you have clients who struggle with a range of movement in their squat?