PewDiePie Mental Health Week

Fit Mind Matters

What is this Video About anyway?

This video shows that even a very popular online Celebrity can talk about the “taboo” of mental health, faced by millions of people, by his own admission, even the hugely popular PewDiePie can open up about general mental health issues and show an other side to himself that is dark, yet strong.

What is this PewDiePie video about?

PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) is about a very popular Youtuber, he has one of the biggest subscribed to channels on youtube, he is well known for making videos about Video Games, where he reviews the games often with his unique energetic style of recording. He has reached over 55 Million Subscribers world wide to his Online Gaming Channel but yet he can take the time to post a video about Mental Health, As someone who is engrossed in Technology and the internet, PewDiePie makes a refreshing take on the subject of Mental Health.

Where is this video from?

This video has been linked to from Youtube, the original poster was PewDiePie and you can find out more by visiting the links in this post and from the original poster youtube channel.

Why are we re-posting this?

We decided to publish this blog post because it was Mental Health Week, we wanted to show that big online celebrities like PewDiePie can also be effected by Mental Health issues.

When can we get in touch with Fit Mind Matters?

You can get in touch with Fit Mind Matters 24/7 through our Social Media sites linked in the header area of the website on the top right BUT as we are adverse to using too many social media sites or channels, you can Write to Us, Phone Us, Email Us, Text Us, WhatsApp Us.

Most people deny there is something wrong with them until they cannot do anything about it, in a lot of cases you can be prescribed Pharmaceuticals by your GP or Doctor, to counteract the effects of stress but all this does is to #nDumb your symptoms. A bit like having a head ache and taking a strong pain killer when you are really just chronically dehydrated or your body is stressed with Cortisol overload.

Im really stressed right now and I want to stop it right away?

As a quick fix, and completely by personal experience, you can improve your mental health straight away by ay of the following:

  1. Breathing in through your nose and out your mouth.
  2. Taking a shower and gradually reducing the temperature to as cold as you can take, while doing the breathing exercises in point one, just stand there and breath- while slowly reducing the temperature –  this is particularly useful in the home or in a family environment.
  3. Buy a NetiPot {around €5} and watch the How To Video by Daniel Vitalis, this is great when I cannot visit a beach to get the salt water feeling & when used in combination with point 1 and 2, this is a great TRI-FACTA of stress busting in the home.
  4. Go for a walk, right now – anywhere Urban, Sub-Urban, County Roads (Always wear high Visibility), Touch 5 trees before you go back to work or home.
  5. Drink 1 Litre of water before returning to the stressful environment that triggered your stress.
  6. Go to a Beach, and walk to the water and back to the shore, Breath and repeat.
  7. Call Fit Mind Matters to talk to us.