What they don’t tell you about finding yourself…

What they don’t tell you about finding yourself is that it’s a bloody selfish process. It’s guilded with all the charm of growth and burgeoning maturity but in truth it’s a self indulgent, decadent, egotistical excuse to wallow in your own sense of entitlement:

Don’t go find yourself go…
Find a job
Find a career
Find something you’re passionate about (and Kim K doesn’t count)
Find a purpose
Find a charity/shelter/animal rescue centre/hospice (delete as appropriate) to help and volunteer all that damn spare time you have
Find a connection with someone in need
Find time to spend with the people who have given their lives (and money!) to nurture you – your parents
Find friends that are trustworthy and will stick by your side
Find a way to cut through the bullshit and keep it real in a world full of plastic fantastics and where ‘fake it til you make it’ is a legitimate business plan 😑
Find books that will shape you into a better person
Find courses that will open your mind

If you’re searching all around the world to ‘find’ yourself, you will be eternally lost. You already have yourself, you’re here, you’re found, you just need a trip to the mirror and a crash course in acceptance.



Naomi McArdle

PTI Head Tutor