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Award in Delivering Chair-Based Exercise

This qualification recognises the skills, knowledge and competence required of an individual in order to work in an unsupervised capacity, including the values and principles of adult social care and the ability to plan and deliver chair–based exercise to either disabled adults or frailer older adults. Learners will cover: Knowledge and understanding relating to the qualification: The values and principles of adult social care Knowledge and understanding of chair-based exercise and its value with adults in care and community settings, including frailer older adults and disabled adults The difference between chair-based exercise and physical activity The impact of body systems changes associated with ageing, disability and inactivity The structure and content of a chair-based exercise session How to plan for frailer older adults or disabled adults

Diploma in Personal Training – BELFAST – Course Options

This qualification is suitable for learners holding a Level 2 qualification in Gym Instruction or equivalent who wish to progress to a career as a professional Personal Trainer on an employed or self-employed basis. This qualification is mapped directly to: The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA) professional standards for a Personal Trainer.

PTI Diploma in Personal Training – BELFAST – Course Options

The purpose of these qualifications is to enable learners to coach clients – one to one and in small groups – towards their health and fitness goals. Learners will develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours to plan and deliver creative and personalised exercise programmes, provide nutritional advice and support clients with their overall lifestyle management.

Award in Supporting Participation in Physical Activity: Menopause

This qualification will equip personal trainers with a deep understanding of: The Menopausal Experience Personal trainers will explore the stages and effects of menopause, delving into the physiological and psychological impacts of decreasing hormone levels.

Award in Adapting Exercise for Ante Natal and Post Natal Clients

The learner will be able to recognise the skills, knowledge and competence required in order to work with ante and post natal clients in an unsupervised manner. There will be focus on the considerations for safe and effective exercise and how to plan and adapt exercise for these particular clients.

Award in Programming and Supervising Exercise with Disabled Clients

This qualification is aimed to give the individuals the skills and knowledge required to programme, supervise and induct a safe and effective programme for disabled clients.

Certificate in Leisure Management (Online)

This qualification is aimed at individuals who want to work in management roles in the Active Leisure Sector.

Certificate in Applied Nutrition for Health, Wellness, Weight Management and Sports Performance

This qualification provides learners with knowledge and skills to apply reliable, evidence-based nutritional science and healthy eating recommendations.

Certificate in Weight Management for Individuals with Obesity, Diabetes Mellitus and/or Metabolic Syndrome

This qualification is for those who wish to be able to plan and deliver safe and effective weight management programmes to members of the population with Obesity, Diabetes Mellitus and/or Metabolic Syndrome.