Appeals Procedure


This procedure applies to any course that is fully or partially assessed by Platinum Training Institute staff or awarding bodies. If a learner is dissatisfied with a grading they must contact Platinum Training Institute who will arrange a meeting with the course tutor and assessor. All Platinum Training Institute learners candidates are assessed against agreed and published criteria. For select courses the Awarding Body such as Active IQ and YMCA Awards clearly define a set criterion for assessors and a standard or tutors. Assessor’s hold recognised qualifications such as A1, A2, V1 and Active IQ / YMCA Awards tutor, assessor and internal verifier award.

It is acknowledged that in extraordinary conditions a learner may choose to appeal against an assessment result. The subsequent Appeals Procedure summarise the action which may be taken in such circumstances. This reflects Platinum Training Institute dedication to present a inclusive and learner centred service.


Scope of Procedure

Platinum Training Institute Appeals Procedure permits learners to officially appeal against a recommendation or decision relating to:

– The mark for an individual item of course work;

– The result of any element of assessment;

– The final overall assessment decision for award of certification.


Grounds for Appeal

An appeal may be made if the learner feels that:

– The assessments were not conducted in accordance with the approved scheme or

centre regulations;

– An administration error occurred at some stage of the assessment process;

“Extenuating circumstances” arose during the assessment process, which affected the learner’s performance;

– There was inappropriate or irregular behaviour on the part of the assessor.


All appeals must adhere to the following system in order to be successfully recognised:

Stage 1 – Appeal to Assessor – 028 9543 4321 –

Stage 2 – Appeal to Lead IV – We will forward these details once requested

Stage 3 – Appeal to Board – We will forward these details once requested

Stage 4 – An Independent Review


– An Appeal form must be requested/completed and sent with all supporting evidence, including video

evidence if necessary; the Lead Internal Verifier will arrange a panel of 3 people (Internal Verifier and 2 Assessors) to hear the appeal.

– The panel will investigate thoroughly the circumstances of the appeal and respond in writing within 7 working days.

– Any additional evidence may be requested during this time in writing, in person or by telephone.

– The panel should ensure it has all of the available evidence including that from the original assessment and any re-assessment.

– If required the learner, who may be accompanied, and the original Assessor will give their evidence to the panel.

– A signed and dated written record of the decision should be given to the learner within 2 working days of the hearing.


Outcome of Appeal

The outcome of a successful appeal could be one of the following:

– The mark for an individual item of course work is amended;

– The result of practical, planning, or evaluation is amended;

– The overall result is amended;

– The learner is given the opportunity to retake the assessment at no further cost.

– Tutor Decision is upheld


Absence from class

– the student must contact the tutor directly via email if they are going to miss / be late for a class

– a fee may be charged if a number of classes has been missed by the student (in order for the tutor to teach the student what they have missed)

Complaints Policy

Platinum Training Institute have a 3 Stage Policy for Complaints which includes:


Stage 1

You can contact your tutor/assessor or relevant department manager at Platinum Training Institute to ensure that complaints are dealt with fairly and quickly. If you do not wish to discuss your complaint with your tutor/assessor then you should move to Stage 2

Stage 2

You can

  1. Email our Internal Verifier – We will forward these details once requested
  2. Call us on 028 9543 4321

You should include the following:

  1. a) Name, Address, Tutor
  2. b) Details of your complaint

We aim to have an acknowledgement email sent to you within 10 working days and to have a decision made within 20 working days.

If you are still not satisfied then you should move to Stage 3


Stage 3 

If Platinum Training Institute cannot satisfactorily deal with your complaint then we will pass all details to our Awarding Body. We can provide details of this when needed


Contact us

If you’ve any queries about the contents of the policy, please contact our support team on:


T: +44(0)28 9543 4321

Equal Opportunities Policy

Platinum Training Institute is committed to equality of opportunity for everyone regardless of their

race, nationality, religion or belief, gender, sexuality, disability, age or marital status. We will take

every reasonable step to ensure that this commitment is fully promoted and implemented in all

aspects of life.


Platinum Training Institute will not tolerate any discrimination on the grounds of race,

religious/political beliefs, colour, ethnic origin, nationality, gender, sexual orientation,

marital/parental status, age, physical disabilities, learning difficulties or mental health problems.


Contact us

If you’ve any queries about the contents of the policy, please contact our team on:


T: +44(0) 28 9543 4321